Viagra and Natural Treatments for ED

Posted on 12 Jan 2016

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is the widest spread sexual health ailment in men across the globe. Studies define that one in every ten men struggle with this condition some time or the other; however, this condition is mostly found in the older men aging 40 or more. It isn't limited to the older generation these days; the condition has become prevalent amongst the younger men too.


Major Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Posted on 20 Jan 2016

Impotence or erectile dysfunction is the sexual health problem of a male. And the keeping the eye on the records they say that only in the UK itself approximately 2.3 million men are suffering from it. Or, we can say that more than 1 in the lot of 10 men has fought with erectile dysfunction problems at some point in their lives. The victims are not only old men, but it is even found in young men because of pressure, anxiety and stress.

Erectile Dysfunction commonly known, as Impotence is a sexual trouble that most men faces. Because of this problem men face the issue of erection during sexual activity. Men who are growing old and those who have few health problems will shortly know erectile Dysfunction as ED. Erectile dysfunction is commonly faced. In Erectile Dysfunction, there is no proper regulation of blood in the penis.

What is Viagra?

Known as sildenafil, Viagra is the brand name for this medication. It's used to treat ED in men. It has also been used in another form to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension.

Who Can Take Viagra?

Any man in good health with no restrictions on sexual activity can generally take the medication. However, anyone with an allergy to sildenafil shouldn't take it. Those who are on any medication for pulmonary arterial hypertension should also not take this medicine. Men with certain conditions shouldn't take Viagra, such as:

• Heart diseases, including a recent heart attack

• Either high or low blood pressure

• Recent stroke

• Kidney or liver disease

• Blood disease

• Stomach ulcer

Generally, the medicine is prescribed for 30 minutes up to one hour before engaging in sexual activity. It may be taken as long as four hours ahead of time, but don't take it more than once per day.

Compare Viagra Prices and Save

If you've been prescribed Viagra for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction, you may have questions. You're probably familiar with this medication and what it's supposed to do, but you may not know all of the details. Here is a look at some important questions people have and the answers.


Will I have to take Viagra for the Rest of My Life?

Viagra doesn't cure ED, but it treats the symptoms. In some cases, the doctor may find the cause behind the condition and find a cure. Other times, it is a chronic condition that won't go away. Viagra can help a person enjoy a normal life even with ED.

Where Can I Get Viagra?

Traditional brick-and-mortar pharmacies are one option. Another, which gained popularity in the early 2000s and has become the most popular way now, is getting Viagra via online pharmacies. However, not all online pharmacies are credible. To help, we've created a Viagra pharmacy comparison chart of some of the top-rated, trusted Viagra dispensaries. Cheaper and more convenient than the traditional route, reputable online dispensaries undergo strict testing to ensure safety and high quality.


Brief Viagra Description

Posted on 3 Feb 2016


Sildenafil means Viagra is used when a man suffers from erectile dysfunction. This problem arises if a person has a regular intake of alcohol or is habituated to smoking or has high cholesterol issue and much more. Older men because of their growing age also face it.

Viagra V/s. Cialis

Posted on 12 Feb 2016


The first step towards treating ED is consulting your doctor as soon as you discover the symptoms. Don't hesitate to reach out your doctor as this condition can become severe and may affect your health and personal life.

Viagra Safety Precautions

Posted on 19 Feb 2016


This impotence pill, Viagra has changed the lives of millions of men across the world gifting them the happy and healthy sex life. This medicine has proved to be an efficient and most popular choice from the past and even in the present.